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Primal Ice Cream with Jon Randles and Barbara Kapran
• Maple-Bacon Ice Cream

• Blueberry-Banana Coconut Milk Ice Cream

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Jon and Barbara are happily engaged, and share a passion for ancestral health.  As a couple, their goal is to support one another and their community on the path towards optimal health in the modern world. As fitness professionals, they strive to coach their clients to the best of their abilities – bridging the gap between traditional wisdoms and current scientific research. Jon and Barbara enjoy being a part of the Primal community, and helping to make this information more accessible to others.


Lvl 2 MovNat Cerified Trainer, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Joint Mobility & Movement Specialist, Personal Training Specialist.

Jon is the owner and head movement coach at Legendary Fitness Canada in
Newmarket, Ontario.  LFC is a growing community focused on mutual support, performance, and personal development. Jon’s world was turned right-side-up when he discovered Paleo nutrition and primal movement. He has a passion for cooking, teaching, climbing trees, and the only thing he loves more than his career is his beautiful fiancé, Barbara. 


Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Z-Health Performance R/I Phase Specialist, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Training Specialist

Barbara is the brainy one. Movement coach, and holistic nutritionist; she loves

neuroscience, kettlebells, potatoes, and eating delicious Primal desserts made by her

fiancé. A loving spirit, her mission is to help her clients become more mindful of their

relationship with their bodies. From prehab, to rehab, to performance, she can transform ya!

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