The world's best known primal nutrition experts, authors and chefs convene for this online event to teach you the art of REAL FOOD and Primal Cooking.

So you've adopted a super healthy primal life, but you feel like there has to be more than just grass-fed burgers, sweet potatoes and bacon. Indeed, it's easy for us to fall into the habit of cooking the same go-to foods over and over again. It may get to where even the tastiest food begins to lose it's appeal.

Whether you're a veteran of eating real food or just beginning this journey, you can always benefit from fresh ideas and even fresher recipes.

That's why we created the Primal Cooking Workshop.

The Primal Cooking Workshop is a fun and exciting five day event. It features today's most popular foodies, bloggers and experts in the health and nutrition industry teaching you how to take your cooking game to the next level.

Best of all, it's free to watch during the event!


Day One
Fast, Cheap and Easy Breakfast
The Art of Grass-Fed Beef
Fermenting 101

Day Two
Egg Free Breakfast Ideas
Offal-ly Yummy Organ Meats
Veggies! Veggies! Veggies!

Day Three
Smooth Operator: Power Packed Smoothies
Adventures in Seafood
Slow and Low: Creative Crockpot

Day Four
Primal Kids Meals
Weston A. Price-less: Traditional Food Preparation
Desserts Part 1: Beast Mode Baking

Day Five
Three Things to do with Bacon Before You Die
Kitavan Kaios: Starchy Sides
Desserts Part 2: Healthier Side of Ice Cream

*Schedule subject to change


The Official Primal Workshop Cookbook

Primal Video Recipe 1

Primal Video Recipe 2

Primal Video Recipe 3

Primal Video Recipe 4
Primal Video Recipe 5
Primal Video Recipe 6
Primal Video Recipe 7
Primal Video Recipe 8
Primal Video Recipe 9
Primal Video Recipe 10

• Favorite Recipes of The Primal Chefs (45 Recipe cookbook)
• Proper Fats for Cooking
• Functional Kitchen
• Cooking Basics Class



 This free online event is scheduled to launch in late July! Stay in the loop!


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