A healthy lifestyle does not have to mean the same boring foods over and over again!
Keep reading to find out how you can learn from the world's leading nutrition experts how
to take your cooking to the next level!
You can be making amazingly delicious gourmet meals tonight!

Look, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been at this real-food gig for a while now. You’re no stranger to the kitchen and you’ve learned a thing or two about cooking healthy foods.

BUT, like me, you probably have a small handful of go-to foods that you whip up, week in and week out. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it gets a little boring.

On the other hand, if you're new to cooking and eating healthier foods, the kitchen can be an intimidating place.

You might not know a food processor from a coffee grinder, but you're still determined to become a savvy chef. But how?
Let me tell you about The Primal Cooking Workshop.
      You'll learn:
• How to make simple meals look and taste like they're from 5-star restaurants
• How to navigate your grocery store, farmer's market and of course, your kitchen
• How to get even the pickiest eaters to eat healthy
The essential tools you need in your kitchen
• Delicious "kid-approved" recipes. Your kids will practically be begging for healthy meals!
• Amazing and decadent grain-free dessert recipes

Cooking Class?
Have you ever been to a cooking class at your local health food store?

I have, and guess what? I didn't learn much. Most of the time they're not even teaching gluten-free cooking, much less grain-free paleo or primal cooking!

You want how much?

Lots of times they charge good money to attend these classes too. On the low end these people may charge 50, 60, 70 dollars or more! Imagine if you wanted to take a series of 10 or 20 classes? You could be paying over $1,400 and that "expert chef" might still not understand your lifestyle!

I'll never remember all that!
Even if the cooking class were to suit my needs, I know I'm not going to retain all that information by time I get home. Oh, and by the way- they usually don't like it very much when you whip out your phone and start recording. There were times when I would have loved to take some footage home with me so I could watch it right from my kitchen!

You know what would be perfect? If someone who really understood my lifestyle and how I eat, would come teach me how to cook, in my house.

And that's exactly why I came up with the idea for the Primal Cooking Workshop.

I wanted to gather the best known experts on primal and paleo food, and have them teach me how to cook my butt off! I did exactly that and now YOU can learn along with me! 

Here's what you get when you take the Primal Cooking Workshop home:

• Lifetime access to all 15 cooking presentations. Watch whenever you want!
• The Official Primal Cooking Workshop Cookbook
• 7 Awesome Bonus Videos
• Discount Codes to some of your favorite paleo/primal items
• Free ebook and other downloads

PLUS, if you buy before the sale ends this week, you'll get an invitation to an exclusive live webinar with our Primal Chef, Camille Macres, so you can learn even more AND ask questions!

Here's what you'll get when you order
The Primal Cooking Workshop

Lifetime access to all 15 cooking presentations featuring these, world-famous, real food experts!

$189 Value!
• Have fun while learning directly from the experts!
• Make easy meals that look and taste like they came from a 5 star kitchen!
• Watch all 15 videos anytime you want!
Pesto Shrimp and "Zughetti"
Mira and Jayson Calton

Best-selling authors of Naked Calories and Rich Food, Poor Food and experts in the field of nutrition and micro-nutrients. They are the founders of and are regularly featured on Fox, CNN and other news outlets.
Learn the importance of cooking with “Rich Food” as well as techniques to help you navigate your grocery store.
Bison Kofta, Indian Pineapple Cauli-Rice
Steph McCormack

Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, athlete, founder of
Steph is smart. How smart? She has a
background in human physiology/biology and a 12 year career as a high school science teacher behind her. She shares her experience as a high-level primal athlete and teaches us a couple of her favorite recipes including “meat on a stick.”
Primal Smoothies
Todd Dosenberry
Creator of and author of Toadally Primal Smoothies.
Todd is a world traveling seeker of true wellness. He teaches us how easy it is to create nutrient-dense delicious smoothies and that they don’t need to just be 50 shades of green.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops
George Bryant

Creator of and author of Caveman Feast.

George is an award-winning blogger and self-taught paleo chef.
He teaches us some invaluable kitchen skills that you'll be able to use forever and a couple of his favorite recipes which includes pork and... more pork.
"Kid-Approved" Spaghetti and Meatballs
Kathryn Kos
Blogger and Founder of & momma to two young boys.
Kathryn shares her best tips for raising healthy primal kids and teaches us a couple of "certified kid approved" recipes. If you have kids you don't want to miss this presentation.

Southwest Mini Omelets
Camille Macres

Founder of and author of Paleogasm.
Camille is a professional private chef with a passion for teaching people paleo cooking. She tackles breakfast with some truly unique and taste primal recipes.

Dairy-Free Cheesecake and Curry Rubbed Lamb Chops
Abel James and Alyson Bridge
Abel is the best-selling author of Fat Burning Man and founder of Alyson is a blogger and creator or
This primal power couple shares their best tips for living a healthy primal life. They teach us some outrageous recipes including a "cheesecake" recipe you have to taste to believe.
Curry Stir Fry and Grain-Free Brownies
Ute Mitchell

Blogger, creator of Operations manager at
As operations manager at one of our favorite paleo sites,, and a talented writer & blogger of her own site, Ute is embedded in this primal community. She's also a busy mom who knows how to make fast, easy and great tasting dishes.
Primal Ice Cream
Jon Randles and Barbara Kaprana
Founders of and nutrition and movement experts.

Who doesn't love ice cream? Did you know ice cream could be a super healthy and totally primal treat? Jon and Barbara spend this segment teaching us how to make some amazing ice cream masterpieces.

"Coffee Break" Burgers and Cherry Walnut Salad
Bill Staley and Hayley Mason
Best-selling authors of Make It Paleo, Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining and 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking.
Bill and Hayley take a break from wedding planning to share the art of paleo entertaining as well as a couple of unique and delectable recipes which includes a surprising use for coffee.

Chicken a la King
Eric Hulse
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, author and blogger at

My good friend stops by the Primal Kitchen to share some family cooking secrets. For Eric, paleo eating is a family tradition and he teaches us some techniques that were passed down from his "Auntie."

Traditional Food and Beet Recipes
Dr. Jill Tiemana
Clinical Nutritionist and blogger at
Jill is a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter leader and she stops by the primal kitchen to teach us about traditional food preparation, fermentation and even a not-so-traditional, but very healthy dessert recipe.
Pecan Crusted Fish and Gluten Free the Right way
Jennifer Fugo
Certified Health Coach, blogger and founder of
knows first-hand what it’s like to deal with symptoms of gluten sensitivity. She not only teaches us some delightful and easy recipes, she teaches us what she's learned on her journey to health and how to avoid the most common gluten-free mistakes. 
Strawberry Liver Salad and Bacon Bourbon
Mary Shendouda
Personal chef, coauthor of Summer Eats and founder of

As the
Personal Paleo Chef to high profile personalities, athletes and fitness leaders, Mary has much to teach us about food, kitchen skills and enjoying life. She tells us about her journey from Celiac Disease to abundant health and the food that helped her get there.
THE Perfect Steak and Practical Paleo
Diane Sanfilippo

New York Times best-selling author of Practical Paleo and creator of She's also a
Certified Nutrition Consultant.
Diane gets the last word as the workshop's Closing Chef. She shares her best tips for implementing a healthy paleo lifestyle while staying sane in the process. She also shares some mouth-watering recipes from her best-selling book including how to cook the perfect steak.

Your Primal Cooking Workshop Take Home Package also includes
The Official Primal Cooking Workshop Cookbook!
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Downloadable eBook! Get immediate access!
PLUS, for a limited time get
these really cool bonuses including
SEVEN Additional How-to Cooking Videos!
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Bonus Downloads
Get my own, Amazon Best-Selling Book,
Sow: Planting the Seeds for Health, Well Being and a Super Hero Life!
Is there such a thing a too Nutrient Dense?
Health expert, Sean Flanagan covers this controversial topic!
Ever dread going to a party or family gathering?
You don't have to because Health Coach, Charby Ibrahim helps you Navigate Social Situations!

Wait, I'm not done yet!
This whole package is worth well over $400!
I'll be honest, people said I should have my head examined when I told them how affordable I wanted to make this, but I always say, my goal is to serve as many people as possible.
That means you can get
The Primal Cooking Workshop take-home package,
at the event-week-only price of just

And if that wasn't enough, if you go through this program and don't think you've become a better primal chef, you can get your money back. It's that simple.
That's right I'm giving you a full, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so there's absolutely no risk!
      This project has really been a labor of love. I had a blast putting it together and especially learning from these amazing experts. It's also been a TON of work and even pretty darn stressful at times. But when I get feedback like this it makes it all worth it. After all, my passion and my goal is to reach as many people as possible, and help them live happier, healthier lives.

Check out just a few of the awesome testimonials we've gotten so far!
 And these!

"When I watch the food networks, I often wish there was a Paleo/Primal cooking show! There are so many shows and foods cooked that are just NOT healthy for me anymore! I keep hoping for a Paleo/Primal show, but kinda doubt that will happen any time soon. ;)

That is one big reason I am excited for your shows and hoping you get to do more seasons! It's so nice to see a show that I can relate to and the bonus is that I can make more good foods for my hubby to enjoy. (He's slowly coming around, which is exciting!) And your idea of hooking up with other Paleo/Primal cooks via Facetime is a great idea! Something very unique, this collaboration, and I appreciate seeing all of you working together to make us all healthier and spread the word!

So, thanks! And keep up the good work! You are making a difference for folks like me out in the middle of our country (Missouri) wishing there was even one Paleo restaurant nearby! I'll just have to cook more delicious Paleo meals myself! I can, with your guidance, that's for sure!

"Thank you for taking the time to do the seminars. That must have been the most worth while time that I've ever spent on the internet. My family really does love the recipes."
         Thanks so much for taking the time to check out The Primal Cooking Workshop. I hope you have fun learning along with me and I wish you and yours an abundance of health and happiness.

Be Well,
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